My name is Maram Taibah. I'm a writer and filmmaker from Saudi Arabia. I currently work as a producer on a morning show, in Dubai.

I'm somewhat neurotic, often anxious, and I have caverns and caverns full of unsatiated curiosity.

I travel to find the missing parts of me that were taken by the slow and steadfast erosion of the self that occurred in Saudi Arabia, where I grew up. In February 2014, I realized that I had lived most of my twenties in paralyzing fears and my innermost yearnings could no longer stay quiet. So I went to Cancun, despite the ringing alarm bells in my head telling me I would end up dead in a ditch. Now, my travels have become about excavating my most authentic self, facing my endless fears, and searching for the Truth. My Truth, at least.

Questions arise and experiences call out to me. I'm on a search and I'd like to invite you to search with me.