3 Joys of Independent Living




I forgot what it was like to know exactly what my day was going to look like. It was such a burden, the knowing. Being part of the giant machine that was the corporate life, I was very much run by time. I would wake up at 7:30am and, without time to flow into my day and into myself, I would be in the car by 8:00 and at work at 8:20. By 8:25 my fingerprint would be registered into the system: employee number 4371 is in the building. Work will be done today.

By 11:30 my stomach would start to grumble and, as I would do everyday, I would hold out until 12:00pm before I thought about lunch because – you know – 11:30 is not lunchtime yet. At 12:00pm I would begin the hungry scramble for some fast food chain or some obscure ethnic restaurant to deliver ANYTHING to the office. Food would arrive at around 12:45. By 1:00 I was fed. A daily meeting at 2:30. By 3:30 my brain would have already started to jam, like paper in a printer. I would have little mental energy left but I would need to push through until at least 4:30.

I arrive home feeling completely depleted and 100% a victim of Netflix. Until about 7:00pm. Dinnertime would come but I would be too tired to get up and cook something. Besides there wouldn’t be much in the fridge. In order to acquire food for the fridge, I would naturally have to go grocery shopping. A detestable feat in Dubai. By the time another meal is delivered, I would have given up on any work I was planning to do on a passion project because my brain would feel like a block of butter that just wants to go to sleep. By 9:30 I would be close to dead. At 10:00 I would be dead.

Rinse. Repeat.

I’m creating a different life now. I quite my job to work as a freelance writer and travel blogger. These days, I get out of bed feeling like a bud that opens up to the day. I have the time and the breath to stretch my body and feel all the tight spaces that somehow worked themselves into weird knots throughout the night. I have breakfast, usually a simple one, and go outside to do a little bit of earthing. It wakes up the feet, the blood, and quite potently, the heart. I only start working when I’m mentally ready and stop when I’m ready to surrender the work until tomorrow.

As I go about the day, I observe the recurring waves of gratitude. I will tell you what I’m grateful about. I will not be calling them the “benefits” of independent living. They are more like anchors that open me up to gratitude and a sense of alignment with my higher path. There are many anchors for me but I chose the ones that stick out for me the most. You’re welcome to start a conversation below, if you feel I missed something.

1. Room for Flow

As I get acquainted with the feminine rhythm inside me, I grow into the flow of how my body, mind, heart and spirit want to work together. I am no longer on someone’s clock and can, therefore, feel my day. I can reach out the tendrils of myself to wherever they feel guided to go while, at the same time, I work with the masculine in me to put a structure for myself. This structure is gentle, realistic and based purely on intuition for what needs to be done to bring my best into the world.

Also, my flow allows me to take ample breaks to be present in my body and to connect with nature, which, to me, is an immeasurable treasure.


2. Freedom of Mobility

The way that I currently work does not require me to be at a certain place at a certain time. If I am to commit to a place then it is a place of my own choosing and that provides the right energy and keeps me in flow and harmony. I choose who I work with. I choose the vibe, the setting, the environment.


This does not come from a place of bias but from a place of self-care. It allows me to set my boundaries so that I can ensure that more often than not, I am taking care of how I’m vibrating and who I’m vibrating with. Also, I personally become quickly saturated with places. I thoroughly enjoy not being bound by a place and having the freedom to create renewal by changing where I spend my day and where I work.

3. Surrender

This is a tough one. It took a long time for me to arrive at the seaport of surrender. An even longer time to board the ship. I had to be buried under a mountainous pile of scissors, chainsaws and knives - stressors that were mostly of my own creation -  until I gave up. Note: if you would like me to tell you about the ritual that helped me make the final step toward surrender you contact me through the contact form.

I still fall back into fearful patterns but I am being taught day in and day out by this lifestyle to breathe. And the leap between fearfulness and breath is always a fascinating moment. You grow just a little larger every time, like Mario after he eats that rather questionable mushroom! And you realize that you are being taken care of. Even if it does not look like the ideal you had in mind…at least not for now. But even that ideal you are learning to surrender as you go along so you can open up to surprises. The Universe does love to surprise. If you let it.

I can’t say that I am the expert on independent living yet. It’s a process of opening up every single day to receive a new morsel of enlightenment, creativity or courage. Those morsels come in perfect timing once you’re present, once you do life one moment at a time. It’s blissful because you allow yourself to exist here, now, and it’s delicious.

Independent living is new to a lot of people. We’re so used to being part of establishments. We’re used to finding our worth there. For a lot of people, it’s also the means by which they find stability. I am not condemning establishments or the valuable work that people offer to the world through them. But I wonder if many of us have been too afraid to make a decision that we just know in the quietest part of ourselves is what our soul really wants. If you feel that is so, then maybe it’s time to gently pave the path toward a life that is more authentic to your heart.

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